Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Volunteer Week Photo Story

The Elephant Nature Park volunteer program is an unforgettable experience I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone traveling in Thailand. Volunteers pay to spend one week at the Park, working in the mornings and afternoon to support their operations and the elephants. Throughout the week, they are given many opportunities to closely interact with the park’s animals as they roam, eat, and bath. To live in this place and be so near to one of Thailand’s most sacred animals is to find a level of nirvana: peace surrounds you in even the most menial tasks. When a large group of international volunteers can shovel elephant shit with smiles on their faces, for the third time, you know their experience has been special. The connection we all shared to the work and to each other by the week's end was electric, and I hope to remain in contact with many of my fellow group members. In lieu of a full - length blog post, I have created a photo story with pics from my week. Each is captioned to provide more information about the work of Elephant Nature Foundation and the Elephant Nature Park volunteer program. Check it out at:

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  1. Looks awesome, keep up the good work. There should be a volunteer appreciation week for all of you guys.